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For most people, buying their home is the single biggest investment they will ever make. Maintaining your home leads to increased property values. Many people don't realize that the exterior of your home and your deck can suffer when left unprotected for years at a time, causing the need for costly repairs or even replacement of some items.

Decks and fences should be cleaned and sealed with regularly scheduled service in order to protect them from the elements.

What happens if you don't put sealant on your deck? Rain, morning dew, and even melting snow are quickly absorbed by the unprotected wood, causing it to swell and soften. The suns heat causes drying, this makes the wood shrink. These cycles of wet and dry, swelling and shrinking, cause wood to warp, split, crack, and check. This causes wood to have a shorter life span, needing expensive repairs, or replacement. This is why we recommend sealing your deck with a tinted sealer or stain once it has been washed.

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Our Process
After many years in the wood restoration and preservation field, A-PLUS POWER WASHING has developed a process that provides outstanding results. We are a Certified Restoration Contractor for Wolman (the innovators of Wolmanized Wood), and Flood. We also participate in many wood care educational programs and forums. We offer the most up to date technology available. Keeping up on the latest techniques and products available on the market is an important aspect of providing you with outstanding service and quality products. Our process actually consists of six individual steps as follows:
Step 1: Evaluating Your Wood
The first step in restoring your deck, fence, or other wood structure is the evaluation process. It's with this that we are able to determine exactly what your project needs in order to restore the natural beauty back to it. During this process we provide consultation, obtain measurements, and record the overall condition and finishes presently applied. We bring samples of the finishes we offer, as well as before and after photographs of previous projects we have completed.
Step 2: Restoring Your Wood
Depending on the present condition of your wood structure, this step will consist of finish removal and/or a deep cleaning of the wood. If a finish has been previously applied, your wood may have to be stripped of the prior coating. Some coatings remove easily while others may require multiple steps for removal. If a finish does not exist on your wood, a deep cleaning is appropriate to remove mold, mildew, and dirt that collects on the surface. The graying is also removed during this process to reveal the natural look of the wood.
Step 3: Brightening & Neutralizing Your Wood
One of the most important steps of the entire process is the neutralization of the cleaners and agents applied during the cleaning process. A neutral pH for the wood is necessary for optimum performance of the new finish. Our custom blended brightening agents are selected and adjusted on a per job basis. After application and a short dwell period a thorough rinse of the entire structure is done.
Step 4: Drying Out Your Wood
After the cleaning and restoration portion of your project is completed, your wood needs to dry out. The time can vary depending on the season and overall weather conditions. Typically we require a two day drying period before beginning sealing. The moisture content must be under twelve percent before sealing, and will be confirmed.
Step 5: Detail Work & Necessary Repairs
The final step before the sealant application is the detail work. All agreed upon repairs are made to your structure, and nails are reseated as required. It is then thoroughly inspected for "furring" or splintering. Sanding of hand railings is performed as necessary to ensure a splinter free atmosphere.
Step 6: Sealing Your Wood
The final step and most time consuming, is the sealing of your wood. Through the use of our application techniques, we provide exactly what your wood needs. Every wood project differs in the amount of sealer needed for proper protection. This is determined by the past maintenance, species, and age of the deck. Our technicians will apply your chosen finish to meet and exceed the standards the manufacturer of the finish has required. Proper preparation and application is the key to longevity in a wood finish. That's it! Call us today at 734-281-5511 for an A-PLUS POWER WASHING representative to assist you in your wood restoration project. We are dedicated to excellence on every job we do!